About Dr. Irina Mihaescu

Physician, Healer, Psychiatrist

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

This advice has always been easier for me to give than to receive.

Being a physician, a wife, and a mother of three has felt overwhelming at times. Not so long ago, I felt like my life was only manageable by running a little faster, giving a little more, sleeping a little less, and meeting every demand.

Then I would collapse in a heap of, “I didn’t do enough”, and “I should do better tomorrow”, and wonder why I was so unhappy.

I came to realize I was basing my self-worth on my ability to complete tasks and keep everyone else happy.

Over time, I’ve discovered that rest is a necessity and bringing all parts of yourself to the table is a vital component of health and happiness.

Instead of trying to keep up with everyone else’s versions of me, I reconnected to the parts of me that I had buried and hadn’t seen in decades. I stopped trying to do it all, learned my strengths, and focused on the best ways I could contribute to the world.

I’ve been able to move from a state of near-constant stress and exhaustion, to building a life that is aligned with my mission and my purpose. I now live a life that feels good, and that even in times of challenges, I can easily anchor into. ⚓

My own journey has made me realize that I’m not the only professional dealing with feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and disillusionment with life.

You may be where I was a few years ago. You may feel like you’ve become a human “doing”, rather than a human being. And that the profession you’ve worked so hard to build hasn’t brought the fulfillment you once thought it would.

You may also intuitively know that you need to live and work differently – and that it’s possible to create a life you truly enjoy every day.

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My Vision and Mission

I believe the path to lasting fulfillment and joy is through the spiritual nurturance of all parts of yourself – even the ones you may have consciously or unconsciously hidden from yourself.

My mission is to help other professionals heal and reconnect with their inner selves, so they can feel more integrated and aligned in who they are. 

This deep sense of self-alignment will help you get clear on what you really want, and how you can start putting yourself first – which will transform how you live and work.